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Virtual Reality Set - Black

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    • What You Get - 1x VR Silicone face Cover, 1x VR Shell Cover, 2x Controller Grip Covers, 1x Lens Cover, and 5x Disposable Eye Covers.
    • VR Grip Cover - They add comfort and additional gripping power to the stock slippery plastic. Accurate cutouts and holes design ensure that the signal can enter the controller normally.
    • Silicone Face Cover - The face cover replacement is made of high-quality environmentally silicone material, which makes it soft and comfortable. Prevents light leakage and works well for keeping sweat off of the stock pad.
    • Shell Cover - Precise hole position to completely unobtrusive camera tracking and ensure perfect heat dissipation to reduce power consumption during gameplay sessions. 
    • Disposable Eye cover: The durable non-woven fabrics It protects the part where the skin directly contacts VR equipment from sweat, sebum, cosmetics, and dirt. 

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