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Bathroom Toothbrush Sanitizer UV Sterilizer Function

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  • Sterilization Effect 99.9%Toothbrush Sanitizer can clean 99.9% of the bacteria on the toothbrush. The UV toothbrush holder guarantees that you and your children have a clean toothbrush when brushing their teeth. It is a perfect toothbrush holder for bathroom.
  • [SMART+PROTECTION] When The switch button is activated, the toothbrush sterilizer will start to sterilize for 360 seconds. When the dust cap of the toothbrush is opened, the disinfection will be suspended to protect the eyes from harm. The uv light will be temporarily extinguished, and the time countdown will be smart Pause, continue working after closing the dust cover.
  • EASY TO INSTALL Rip the UV toothbrush sterilizer double-sided adhesive protective film, fix it on the bathroom glass or smooth wall, please do not install the toothbrush holder on the rough or wet wall, or pass the screw (not included) Installation. It's also very convenient when you want to move.
  • SAFETY AND ENERGY SAVINGThe toothbrush sterilizer wall mounted is made of ABS material. The kid uv toothbrush holder has a built-in 1500mA lithium battery. It has a UBS charging port to get rid of the socket charging. The LCD display 360s automatic cleaning time, stop working after completion, after full charge, available 25 Around the day, it is very convenient to save energy
  • TOOTHBRUSH ORGANIZER The toothbrush holder can hold 4 toothbrushes at one time. Whether it is an electric toothbrush or a manual toothbrush, this toothbrush holder can withstand the weight of 4 toothbrushes. This smart toothbrush cleaner is very It is very convenient to meet the needs of multi-member families,Make your bathroom more tidy and comfortable

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