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Wireless Earbuds - 45ms Latency

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    • 45ms Ultra Low Latency: These wireless earbuds are built to provide the ultimate mobile gaming audio experience with an ultra-low 45ms latency. Designed for gaming adventures, offers ideal gaming audio so you never miss any game sound effects. Get ready for an exceptional competitive gaming experience through quick sound effect audio.
    • Ultra fast Bluetooth connection: You can automatically connect to the Bluetooth of mobile phone when the headset charging box is turned on, avoiding complicated operations and saving waiting time. The 45ms Ultra Low-Latency is more than 3 times faster than conventional Bluetooth headsets, specially designed for gamers.
    • Game & Music dual mode: Game/music sensitive switch, in the game mode can accurately capture the sound of footsteps/gunfire/car, quickly kill the enemy in the combat. The headset has a breathing light, allowing you to be more immersed in the game scene and double the gaming experience.
    • Ultra long Gaming & Standby Time: The battery life in the game state is more than 6-hours, and the battery life in the charging box can reach 30h, which makes the game experience more comfortable.
    • Lightweight Headphones: The single earphone is only 4g, and there is not a foreign body sensation in wearing.

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